My First Lab Duo-Scope MFL-26 C&A 001262

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Mega Duo-Scope (Model MFL-26) expands our most popular duo scope in the My First Lab series! Two light sources allow this microscope to magnify both slides and solid objects! View slides, coins, plants, stamps, insects, jewelry and more! You would need two instruments to view what this one does -- a basic biological scope to look at specimens on a slide (light shines up from under the slide and through the tissue) and a traditional stereo or dissecting microscope to view solid objects at lower power (light shines down onto the specimen to be observed). This new Duo Scope with dual lighting allows for both types of applications! Cordless battery power makes it possible for field study. Priced to fit any budget with the same fine quality as our other scopes.
Accessory kit has 50 assorted accessories for hours of fun scientific research including:
Mini Inspector (mini microscope), Cloth Dust cover, Analyze This! book
Bug block specimens, 5 blank slides, 1 concavity (well) slide, 4 prepared slides
2 bottles of stain, Forceps, Plastic test tube, Plastic Petri dish, And More!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review