Fat Brain Toys Flexicule 21953

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Set of 5 silicone and plastic, dumbbell-shaped pieces that cleverly combine to become a unique cube; Fun for fidgety hands of all ages - A great desk toy, too; Baby's first brainteaser! Take the colorful plastic and silicone pieces apart and then flex your brain muscles to push them back together; Fidgety fingers can't resist the unique contours and endless bendable possibilities; A vibrant experience in playful exploration! Perfect for ages 12 months and up; Flexible parts are made of 100% high quality silicone; Plastic is BPA-free, exceptionally safe for baby; Large pieces are easy for little hands to handle and manipulate Encourages tactile exploration, problem-solving, creativity; Strengthens fine motor skills, visual-spatial skills; Inspires sensory exploration; A challenging puzzle for little ones - A beautiful, hands-on sculpture to enhance desktop aesthetics Frustration-free packaging; Includes core H structure, 4 bendy silicone and plastic pieces; Measures 3.5 x 3.75 x 3.75 inches; Made in China


(No reviews yet) Write a Review